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Scientific Project “The Psychology of Success”
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Scientific Project “The Psychology of Success”

We have already gathered more than 1000 responses (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus), from EU countries and the USA - 1000  and 500 responses (China).
Thus we will be able to develop a model of life successfulness for Ukraine with regard to achievements of your country.


In present Yunona Ilina and her colegues at the
Department of New Information Technologies,

G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology at the National Academy of Pedagogical Science of Ukraine are working on the project “Psychology of success”. A counsel and author of the project is Iunona Ilina

To develop the universal scientifically-grounded mental model of success taking into account gender, ages, cultural, philosophy-religious aspects. To define the psychological co-ordinates of successful personality.

 1. International research of models of success (Ukraine, Russia and countries of the CIS, EU, USA, South-east Asia)
2. Development of the distance learning course "Development of psychological skills of success" for adults (noncommercial and commercial variants)
3. Booklets publication on the aspects of the topic and scientific collections: essay about scientific internships (in plans are the USA, Europe, South-east Asia and EU)
4. Textbook for Universities and methodical manual on the topic of success for specialists in teaching
 5. Upon termination of project (we plan to finish it during seven-ten years) a scientific monograph "The Big theory of success" will be published.

And, naturally, to win the first Ukrainian Nobel award for this work. And to inlay the money in the development of our system of education!

STATUS OF PROJECT - Research government project - A topic is developed by the Laboratory of the New Informational Technologies in Teaching at the Institute of Psychology named after G.S.Kostiuk of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine. A counsel and author of the topic is Iunona Ilina

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